Organizational Dev.

Organizational Development for Early Intervention Programs

Operations Management

  • Work with Leadership to develop an needs assessment and deliver programs to improve overall effectiveness.
  • Assist in strategic planning for growth
  • Streamline Systems to eliminate redundancy
  • Set up tracking systems to ensure accountability
  • Improve communication between departments
  • Deliver professional training & development program
  • Provide training, development and coaching to leadership.
  • Consult with Managers to identify gaps and develop solutions
  • Provide effective interviewing strategies to ensure a “good fit” with company culture

Staff Management

  • Coach supervisors to minimize difficulty in managing staff
  • Deliver in-service trainings for staff
  • Teach techniques for more effective supervision; motivate staff
  • Assist in doing more effective performance reviews
  • Offer Team building techniques
  • Teach effective way to run staff meetings
  • Mediate between staff and clients were disagreements occur


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