Leadership Workshops, a Seven (7) Session Program for (3 to 50 people)

  • What is the difference between Leadership and Management?

What makes a good leader, and what skills are needed in order to be successful? We look at values and belief systems and help create individual leadership Visions. Managers will learn what their staff/employees value and why that is important to know. Time management and the tools needed will also be discussed.

  • The Creative Process

Creative ideas result in new ways of doing things, which can reduce cost, improve performance and enhance operations in our competitive markets. Strategies will be presented on how to implement effective paradigm shifts and improve communication.

  • Value Strengths and Realize Potential

How do you improve staff relations? What do managers want from staff, and what does staff want from their work experience? Effective ways of communicating to elicit feedback and input from employees will be covered. Financial motivators and non-financial motivators are addressed.

  • Implementing the Vision with Accountability

How do you set goals, and what are those goals meant to achieve? We will navigate through the tasks that need to be done. How will you know that they have been accomplished? What do we need to learn in order to achieve the goals and make the Vision a reality?

  • Creating an Environment of Cooperation

How do you run productive meetings? Can you delegate effectively and follow-up? Here you will learn the art of group problem solving. How can you get others involved in the decision making process and still be the boss?

  • Managing Change

Change usually brings conflict. How you manage it will determine your success at implementing the change. We will explore ways to deal with employee mistakes without alienating, creating an environment where we can all learn from our mistakes.

  • Performance Reviews

How do you evaluate performance through a review process and encourage improvement? We will explore the role of “staff coach”.

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